Annual Conference

The UQPN Annual Conference offers the opportunity for our members to share knowledge, skills and experience and to connect with each other during the one-day event. The Annual Conference is the premier event of the year. 

2018 Annual Conference

2 August 2018 8:15am4:15pm

2017 Annual Conference

26 July 2017 8:15am4:30pm
"Power of the Past - Force of the Future"

2016 Conference "Creating Change"

2 August 2016 8:15am4:15pm
Change is something that we all have to deal with on a regular basis, so the conference this year aims to provide members with some insights into how others have made and dealt with change in their professional and personal lives. Another key focus of the conference is to provide and facilitate an opportunity for all professional staff to come together and share, learn, network and challenge one another. We hope that members will leave the 2016 UQPN conference inspired to create change and better prepared to manage change in their own lives.

2015 Annual Conference

28 July 2015 9:00am4:00pm