With a PhD in Creative Problem-Solving and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Irena is a highly experienced corporate educator adept at helping people to develop  their leadership and creativity skills and apply it productively for innovation. She understands what works and why when it comes to helping people, teams and organisations learn, transform and evolve. You are guaranteed a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience.

What You’ll Learn!

  • Why leadership is changing and what you have to do to stay relevant
    Why it is essential for your career trajectory to understand and apply the new leadership skillset.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that leaders make that cost them dearly in outcomes, profitability and productivity
  • How to nurture teams that are self-reliant, self-reflective, and open to change, innovation and transformation
  • The seven new leadership META-skills essential for leading  high performing teams and workplaces
  • The key leadership behaviours that unlock the talent and expertise in your team and business.


249 - Sir James Foots Building #47A