Join us for the second workshop in the series, with Dr Irena Yashin Shaw. 

About Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw: With a PhD in Creative Problem-Solving and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Irena is a highly experienced corporate educator adept at helping people to develop  their leadership and creativity skills and apply it productively for innovation. She  understands what works and why when it comes to helping people, teams and organisations learn, transform and evolve. You are guaranteed a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience.

Intrapreneurialism is the demonstration of business acumen, personal leadership & creative problem-solving abilities that enables employees to find, explore & implement worthy ideas that help the organisation to be future-ready and relevant.

In a fast- moving world, intrapreneurs are the high-potential multipliers who are the source of energy and creativity that helps an organisation, to exploit change and innovation opportunities.

They are the MOST valuable of all employees!

Become more enterprising in your approach to envisioning and creating the future. Solve problems, implement your ideas and influence for positive change. Discover some powerful, road-tested tools, approaches and frameworks guaranteed to help transcend ‘business-as-usual’ thinking and doing in the service of creating new value.


Michie Building #9