UQPN Membership

Established on 24 February 1977 for "the purpose of fellowship and the exchange of ideas", UQPN is dedicated to serving all Professional staff at The University of Queensland, across all Campuses - all Professional staff are eligible to join the Network.

Our vision is to provide valuable and continued development that is of direct benefit to all UQ Professional staff, along with networking opportunities that enable creativity, friendship and foster a greater sense of community at UQ.

We seek to recruit a diverse membership with equity, while offering a welcoming environment and purposefully investing in our Members. UQPN offers a range of memberships to help meet the growing needs of our Members, connecting our Network wherever we are located.

UQPN memberships are due for renewal every year on January 31. Existing members will be sent reminders to renew closer to the date.
Please note that the renewal date applies to all members irrespective of join date. 

Annual Membership

Eligibility: Current UQ Professional employees
Cost: $25.00 per annum (Tax deductible)

UQPN membership benefits:

  • Building Relationships: Establish connections from around UQ that can lead to collaborations or future opportunities
  • Knowledge Sharing: Exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices
  • Career Advancement: Opportunities for mentorship, career guidance, and job alerts
  • Skill Development: Workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance your skills
  • Personal Branding: Enhance visibility and credibility within your professional community
  • Cost-effective professional development: All events are free to attend for members

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