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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write to you all and acknowledge the mammoth contribution you, our members, have achieved in the successful continuity of UQ at this time.

The news has and continues to change with feverish pace. As with UQ staff, safety at this time is of utmost importance to our members. As frustrating as they may be, the restrictions are in place to protect us all and allow is to get back to doing the things we love, in the places we love. In this climate, the little things in life that we may have overlooked before can be a reminder of gratitude and true appreciation.

At this time, many struggles and sacrifices are hugely personal. We are unable to hug our loved ones or even share tangible space with others. We may not be able to come together physically for the foreseeable future in these extraordinary times with unprecedented actions, but I know the UQPN Community is strong and will continue to support each other. As we adjust to working from home, so too the way we work has changed. It’s vitally important to recognise the challenges a ‘curve ball’ can bring in our lives, this includes asking for help if you aren’t coping.

Many of you will already know and may have registered for “UQ Marketplace”. This is a program that matches staff who have a reduced workload (due to the impacts of COVID-19) with areas within the University which are experiencing an increased workload. It provides staff with the opportunity to diversify their skills and assist the University in areas that need it most. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, gain a rare insight and experience into other areas of UQ. You’ll find a link on the UQPN Internal Opportunities page

The Executive Committee has adopted the mantra “Adapt - Improvise - Overcome” and post Covid-19, UQPN will continue with fortitude and commitment to support you our members. It would seem that we will be unable to hold our annual conference in the traditional sense, but please be assured, your UQPN Executive team is hard at work to bring you a virtual conference; and until we can meet again, UQPN will bring events to you.

In closing, patience, kindness and ingenuity are our greatest allies here – we will get through this. It is our hope that we can all stay safe and well. On behalf of the UQPN Executive, please know our thoughts are with you, your families and loved ones.

Best wishes from the UQPN Executive Committee
Sue Cox, UQPN President
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