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Hello Members

We welcomed the start to the working new year with our annual welcome drinks. Once again, it was a good opportunity to network with fellow professional staff members as we look ahead to what is likely to be a busy year for all.

UQPN is proud to provide a variety of professional and personal development and networking opportunities for our members. We encourage you to look for further opportunities throughout the year ahead via our events page.

And remember that we welcome ideas from our members, just as much as we welcome new members. So please spread the word! We will look forward to seeing you at the next UQPN event.

Best wishes from the UQPN Committee
Sue Cox, UQPN President
UQPN currently offers regular courses through the UQ Staff Development Program.
We welcome you to join us in UQ's oldest network of professional employees. Be aware that there are a numbers of benefits we that provide exclusive to our members.


To provide regular networking and development opportunities for UQ staff in order to support and promote a strong community of UQ professionals.

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