Communities of Practice (CoPs)

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UQ has many Communities of Practice (CoPs) to choose from. Some are called Professional Learning Communities, Educational Networks or Learning Circles but they all have the same aim; to explore the many different angles and practices of a profession or skillset and to learn together.

UQPN highly recommends you join a community of your choosing. Participating in a professional Community of Practice can be a great way to further expand your network, learn from other colleagues’ experiences, and maybe even help others grow their skills and knowledge.

These CoPs might be of interest to people in operational roles:

• Business Analysis CoP

• Change Management CoP

• Project Management CoP

• Procurement CoP (To join, please email and you will be added to the MS Teams group and receive the meeting requests)

Additional CoPs are organised by ITaLI.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a Community of Practice, but you’d like to talk to someone who has walked that path already? Feel free to contact any of the other CoP leads mentioned here, they will be happy to help.